Save List Of Copied Text In Windows

Copy and Paste are the two most common used operations for almost all the computer users irrespective of the domain in which they work. You might have experienced situations where you need to copy some portion of text from any article available online. In those cases, what we normally do is to either copy the whole article in our local system and then to decide what to keep or what to remove. On the other hand one more option which is generally used is to copy the excerpts one by one from that article and then to paste them in any document editor like Word or notepad. We all know how time consuming it is and often we will it as a tedious task to copy it one by one.

So, for such scenarios we present a small utility, which may prove really helpful for you and you may use it as a recorder for whatever you want to copy and paste. Clipboard Text Recorder is basically a small, easy to use, useful and most importantly a freely available clipboard manager that allows the user to automatically record the text that the user copies. It helps the users in a way so that they can easily paste saved text snippets in required workspace. In scenarios like mentioned above, it may come handy where you are reading an article and feel like saving some excerpts. Although as already mentioned, normally you will have to open a notepad (or any other similar application) alongside the article, and paste each part one by one, but this smart utility named as Clipboard Text Recorder lets you record all the parts in one go, and then, when you’re finished with the article, paste them in required application, thus saving a major part of your time which can be utilized in some other activity.


You may download the utility from the link given below and in few simple steps you may easily install it in your computer. After launching it for the very first time, you may see that the main interface has Record, Stop, Clear Clipboard and Exit buttons at the top which have different functions according to their names specified. The Recorded Clipboard Items list is present at the left side, and the content of selected clipboard item appears at right side.


Now in order to start working with this utility, you need to click Record option to start recording the clipboard items. Once the recording is enabled, any text that you copy will be saved directly into the application, hence saving your time. Finally, when you want to paste the contents of clipboard, you need to first click Stop, so that the application may know that now you want to paste all the recorded content. After this just select an item and then click Copy to Clipboard. It also allows you to directly save all the content and you may see that by clicking Export to File button it will automatically save the complete text snippet in TXT format.

Download Clipboard Text Recorder

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