Best 3 Ways To Download Instagram Photos To PC or Mac OS

By now, you must have known that ‘Instagram’ has been bought by Facebook worth 1 billion USD. The moment this news came, I noticed that people have started enquiring about more and more info about this application. So, first of all let me tell you that this a mobile application which can be used to take a photograph from your cellphone and then edit it smartly with smart editing packages available in the application and then share it will all your friends or I should say ‘followers’, you can also connect this application with your Facebook or Twitter account, so that the same image can be shared throughout your social empire.

Now all the users using this application can see the photographs on this application only and if they want to keep them on their desktop then they will have to copy these pics to their phone memory from Instagram and then copy them to the desktop, but this is pretty lengthier way to see your pics. So, today we will tell you about few methods with the help of which you can take transfer all those posted images (on Instagram) to your desktop.

You can take a look at the screenshot mentioned below, the application windows itself says it all, ‘Instagram Downloader’, this tool will basically help you to download all the photographs for any user available on Instagram. For-Example, in the screenshot mentioned below, I have tried to download the images posted by ‘Shreya Ghoshal’, her Instagram user-id is ‘shreyaghoshal’ and so I entered that user-id in the top text field mentioned below.

Download Instagram Photos To PC or Mac OS

Once you enter the user-id, just click the ‘Download’ button and then you will see that many links will be populated in the log of the application and soon after a status bar will turn full-green indicating that all the links to the photographs have been saved in a text file named after the user-id which was searched by you.


Just click the download link mentioned below and you will get a ZIP file which has this portable tool inside it. Now whenever, you want to launch the tool then you will have to click the application file in that folder with an icon similar to that of Instagram. Please note that the text file saved by the application as mentioned in the previous paragraph will be saved in this folder only (by default), you cannot change the location to save the text file.

Now when you want to see any of the image for that user-id or copy it to your desktop then copy the link mentioned in that saved text file and paste it on your browser address-bar. You will see that image, as mentioned in the screenshot above.

This mentioned mentioned above, does not only deal with transferring your photographs on your computer, but also has the feature of copying the images of all the users which are followed by you (I think that’s a great part.). So, if anyone does not have any android cell-phone or iPhone, then also they can have a look at the images being posted in Instagram.

Now moving on i will tell you about a method which will help you to transfer photographs posted by you to your desktop. Below, you can see a screenshot of a website named which will has designed particularly to help you as mentioned above.


Just sign-in with the Instagram ID and then you will see the page as mentioned below.


Now click the button ‘Start Export’, initially it tell you to wait and then after sometime, you will see the download link to download your photographs in a zip file archive.




If you love to use Mozilla Firefox then you can refer to another website named which will provide you a proper laptop interface of instagram application you can take a look at the screenshot mentioned below.


Similarly as mentioned above for the above applications, you will have to login to this instagram web portal through instagram userID and password, let me tell you that you will have to create your instagram ID and then only you can use this portal, you will not be able to create any new instagram ID on this website. Once you start logging in you will face 2 windows as mentioned below:-



After login you can see all the images as mentioned below, you will be performing everything as you used to do on your instagram mobile application.



All the websites and tools mentioned above has been tested on Windows 7 32-bit OS, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers respectively. Please let us know if you face any problem while using them.

Instagram Downloader

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