Save Printer Ink, Paper With Grayscale & Two Side Printing With GreenCloud Printer Software

Greencloud Printer save ink and energy with Grayscale & Two Side Printing with which you can do good to the environment with your little green efforts and save paper, but why? Because we might not even know, but in one way or the other our activities and the way we handle our work on computers may affect the environment. Among these activities, printing is one job where we need to be more efficient as paper and ink wastage has a direct impact on environment.

So, in order to make sure that we save energy as well as tress, there are many ways by which we may save paper and ink while printing. These ways can prove to be helpful in order to reduce the quality of print, printing on both sides, removing unwanted sections and advertisements etc. Today we will talk about some of the utilities which may prove helpful in reducing the effort as well as the resources which are needed for printing.

GreenCloud Printer is one of such eco-friendly PDF and printer driver which can be used in order to save the money while printing the documents. As the name suggest, GreenCloud Printer combines and make use of multiple options to make the printing more greener by saving paper and ink.


Although, there are several utilities which are very similar to GreenCloud Printer and allows the user to make sure that the ink and paper are carefully utilized. For eg., Nuke Anything is one of the FireFox add-on that allows the user to simply highlight a section of a webpage, right click, and select “Remove this object.” and hence user may observe that those particular selected objects are gone and print could be taken. This utility becomes really helpful when we need to remove irrelevant text or images. But, as said it’s a firefox add-on, hence you need to make use of Firefox to access it.

Similarly, FinePrint is one of the program which offers multiple ways to quickly and easily format printing, such as deleting unwanted pages or printing several pages on one sheet.


You can also use Lexmark Toolbar 3 is one of the other similar freely available toolbar add-on which has been developed by Lexmark in order to simplify the printing process. Along with all these mentioned above, there are many other utilities which can be used for reducing this printing cost and hence the resources as well.

But, we found GreenCloud to be best among them and it can be easily installed from the link given below.After installing, you may observe that it actually acts like normal printer, and allows you to select GreenCloud Printer from the list of printers and then customize you print job according to your requirements. It allows you to remove unwanted pages, combine pages, print on both sides or even change the layout of printing which all may lead to reducing the overall cost and effort of printing. It also allows you to print in grayscale and ink saving mode.

So, overall we can say that it is a nice little utility which supports all popular printers, and hence you can always use this tool to optimize you print job before you actually send it to printer and thus may achieve the purpose of using it.

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