Save Images In Bulk On Google, Deviant Art Or 4Chan To Your Computer

Everybody’s desktop or laptop carries the same simple attire and unless we don’t try our hands on tweaking and grooming it a little bit, there is no way it is going to become attractive. Wallpapers, pictures or images whichever word you use, the function remains the same which is of changing your computer’s look.

Isn’t it great as well as simple to browse through thousands of wallpapers available over the internet, choose the best for your desktop or laptop and then set it as your desktop background or use it at several other places. But don’t you think it sometimes gets tedious to surf through wallpapers in order to find the perfect one with the perfect resolution?

It certainly does and moreover downloading a lot at the same time from websites like Google, Deviant Art or 4Chan becomes complicated. Do you think there is a way to download your desired number, resolution and type of wallpapers without even opening a browser and opening numerous tabs.

Well for your surprise there is a small utility known as Media Spider to do this chore. It occupies a few kilobytes of space and even runs without any installation. The utility will help you download any number of images, of your defined resolution through websites like Google, Deviant Art or 4Chan.snap


Steps To Download Images Through Media Spider

  • For the first step as always you have to open the executable file for the program and select any tab out of the three available in the above image for the websites mentioned above.

Media Spider Search

  • Type in the content to be searched in the topmost block along with the number of images to be downloaded in the second block. Now from the size options select the size through various available and just click on the SEARCH button at the bottom.

MediaSpider Folder Select

  • Lastly you need to choose the destination folder for your files which will be downloaded afterwards. The moment you click OK after highlighting your folder the download will start and the images will be added one by one with their previews being visible on your desktop in a small window.

Now that we have made you familiar with such an amazing utility to try, what are you waiting for? Download it immediately and start piling up your wallpaper collection.

Download Media Spider

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