Save File To – Save Images, Pages and Links To Any Folder Directly With Folder Sub Menus [ Firefox Addon ]

Save File To is another cool firefox addon which allows you to save images directly from browser window to any folder directly by navigation the folder path through right context sub menus, you no longer need to locate the folder where you save the image through save as dialog box window. We had also written some more firefox tips like how to hide google toolbar firefox, save entire web page as single file firefox, restore opened tabs in firefox, close download window automatically, quick download in firefox and how to terminate not responding firefox


[ click the image above to enlarge ]

Save File to adds Save Page to, Save Link to and Save Image to right click context menu in firefox. The above image shows just an example that shows off Save Image to

You can simple configure the settings which will have the path to the folder or subfolder in them where you want to save images, pages and links to [ as shown in the image below ]


Install Save File To

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