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Today, social networking has become one of the most important and widely used service on the internet. Various social networking sites are available on the internet, among which Facebook is one of the most popular one. A large number of users who already have an account on this site use various features available on the website. Various forms are provided in which users share information among each other in the form of messages, photos, videos, etc. But, downloading and uploading of these photo albums have always been a tedious task for the users as it consumes lot of time.

Earlier, for uploading a photo album, the user was allowed to upload only five photos at a time. This was a boring and a time-consuming task for the user. But, as Facebook launched its new photo up loader, with some new features, it then allows the user to add photos in a bulk which made it a lot easier task for the users. However, for downloading the photo album, it still consumed lot of time and effort. For this, Firefox introduced a new extension which makes the task lot easier by allowing the user to download all photos in an album without using any other tool.


Fuschipraine is a newly launched Firefox extension that allows the user to do so. It provides an easy and simple way to download photo albums from the Facebook website from either user’s profile or from any other profile of someone who is there in the user’s friends list. In order to download an album, firstly install this extension in your Firefox browser. Then right-click on the album which you want to download and select the option of Fuschipranie’s Download. It will ask you to mention either a prefix for the image names or to copy the image with the same name as it is there on the Facebook site. After this, it will ask you to specify the location, where you want to save the album. Either you can provide of a folder which is already present in your system or on the other hand you may also make a new folder and can provide its path to save photo album in that one.

One of the good feature of this extension is that it download the photos in their original format and you may see them without any need to unzip them. So, download this new extension from below given link and install it to download the photo albums very quickly from the Facebook website.

Download Fuschipraine

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