Save Computer Screen As Image With Snaplr

Sometimes you have to take screenshots of your computer screen in order to maintain proofs for the financial transactions done in e banking, files or work documents where you need to take screenshots of your computer screen to explain your view point in a better way. Today I have a very simple and easy to use screen capture application that is freeware, for you named Snaplr which will help you to take the snapshots and save them in PNG format.

The tool is designed in such a way that it will help you take screenshots of the area that you will select. The application will give you an option to add text, arrows, circle and rectangle to the image. The tools will also give you an option to write on the image. The application will also give you an option to save the image to the clipboard.

Snaplr 1

This is the first screen which will open up when you will run the software for the first time after installing it. The tool contains button Take Screenshot. There are various other option on the panel just to the right of the Color Picker, Arrow, Pencil, Rectangle, Circle and Text Option.

The application also contains buttons like Copy to Clipboard and Save Image. The tool will take the screen shot of the computer screen when you will click on the Take Screenshot button. As soon as you will click on the Take Screenshot button it will give you a rectangle using which you can select the desired area on the screen for which the screen shot has to be taken.

There is a Arrow button which will take introduce an arrow in the image. The Pencil icon in the application will allow you to write in the image that you have captured with the tool. The Rectangle icon will make a square in the image. The Circle icon will make a circle in the image. The Text icon in the tool is used to the write in the image.

The Color Picker is used to pick the color in which you have to make arrows, rectangle, circle and write text. The Copy to Clipboard button will allow you to copy the image in the application in the clipboard and then you can copy the image directly to the location that you want without saving it. The application also gives you an Save Image button which will give you the option to save the image in the PNG format.

Download Snaplr.

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