Save, Backup, Copy or Restore Windows 7 Sticky Notes From One Computer To Another

Windows 7 sticky notes can be a great way to store information over time, I have been using sticky notes for some time, they are really helpful in remembering things and tasks. But just in case if you are moving to a new computer or you just want to back up all the sticky notes you had created.

In order to backup all the sticky notes, you will need to copy the main core sticky notes file which contains all the data stored in sticky notes. Follow the procedure below to backup all notes and later restore it to another computer

Backing Up Sticky Notes

1. Go the folder path given below

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes

you will need to replace <username> in the above path with the username of the account with which you are logged in as shown in the image below

8-26-2010 6-16-20 PM

or else copy paste the following path in run prompt and press enter to open the folder where sticky notes file is stored.

%AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\

2. Now copy the file StickyNotes.snt and store it on a portable drive to backup all your sticky notes.

Restoring Sticky Notes

1. To Restore the backup of sticky notes, open the folder path again by repeating the step 1 above, on another computer and paste the backup file which you copied from different system in step 2

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