Samsung Wave – How To Capture, Take Panoramic View Photos

Before I start writing about this tip, firstly let me tell you what is panoramic view or panoramic photos all about, Panoramic photography is a technique of photography, using specialized equipment or software, that captures images with elongated fields of view. It is sometimes known as wide format photography, which allows you to capture a wide area photograph which is not visible completely in the camera view, this is done by joining multiple photos together to form the panoramic view.


Samsung wave has this awesome feature of taking the panoramic shots, this seems to be the first smartphone which can capture panoramic view. Today we will tell you about how to take panoramic shots with samsung wave.

1. Launch the camera by pressing the camera key on samsung wave and select the panoramic shot mode and specify the direction in which you will move the camera to cover the remaining area.


2. Once you have selected the panorama mode, move the camera to focus on the extreme one edge of the area you want to capture by tapping on the screen and take the first shot by clicking the camera key.


3. After capturing the first shot, slow move the camera in horizontal way to capture the remaining area to complete the panorama shot camera will automatically take the pics by joining it with the previous one.


Once the shot is complete it will show you the small thumbnail preview, which you need to confirm and save by tapping the save symbol shown at the bottom right corner of the phone screen.


I clicked a full picture of my home office area just like this which might have seen already in the beginning of article.

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