Samsung Wave – Create A Video Movie With Pictures

I have been exploring samsung wave for some days now, Till I can say it is one the best smartphone available with in a price tag of 18000 INR [ approx ] with some great features with which it comes with. Today we will tell you about another cool feature I found in samsung wave, you can create a small video out of the pictures you have on phone, you can create a video slideshow of pictures with text in between.


This feature is somewhat like windows movie maker if you have used it, anyways follow the procedure below to do it.

1. On samsung wave, go to media browser where you will see all pictures you have on your samsung wave


2. Now select the option to create a movie


3. Now you will need to select the pictures or video you would like to add to the video


4. Now add transition, text, audio and other effects to the video you are creating.


5. Once you are done with all the changes and added all the effects required, you will need to tap make movie option in the bottom left corner of the screen and then it will ask you the movie name file.


6. Once you tap done at the bottom left of the phone screen, it will start creating the movie


7. You can preview the movie now, as shown in the image below


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