Samsung Tablet Coming To India In October 2010

So, from where should I start it seems that after the launch of iPad, everyone wants to drop into the market of tablet PCs. Few weeks back we published a news related to the launch of Google Chrome OS Tablet PC and now Samsung is also in the queue to do the same with its Galaxy Tab quipped with Android OS. It seems that now there will be some competition between iOS and Android.


Now let me take you to all the info related to a new Galaxy Tab launched by Samsung today at IFA. After the release, Thomas Ritcher, Samsung head of Product portfolio, commented that this is not just a tablet PC but it a Smart Media Device. A senior Samsung executive mentioned that they will be launching few more tablet PCs with different screen sizes next year in order to cover maximum number of consumers. Till now nothing has been declared regarding the price of that device, So, it will hard to comment that how much will it compete in market.


Now as far as its specifications are concerned then you can see them in the following bullets mentioned below:-

  • Operating System: This tablet device is equipped with Google Android Froyo 2.2.
  • The display size of this device is 7 inches Touch Screen.
  • It is a single device on which you can browse, make video calls and playback HD multimedia files or in other words it can be used as a phone.
  • The model Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 will be available with two different storage capacities, one of them is 16 Gb and the other one is 32 Gb. But they can be increased by using its additional storage capacity of 32 Gb.
  • Battery backup will be very much high as compared to other tablet PCs as it will be using 4000 mA battery and thus it will not be using a micro USB charger but it requires 30 pin connector to get charged.
  • It has 3 MP camera at the back and 1.5 MP in the front of the panel. Besides these features it has codecs pre-installed in it.


Now, most attracting features will be its usability as phone and it long battery backup. But now everything depends upon the price, and after reading all the features it seems that it may fall between Rs 18,000/- to Rs 22,000/-, but lets see what will be the outcome. Will it sustain and face the competition or will there be an end to it shortly?? we will keep you updated.


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