Samsung Tab Unpacking Pictures [Macro Shots, Closeup Photos]

Its been some days since I got samsung tab for review, as per my initial reviews I am loving the device, since the day I started using I loved the form factor, awesome hardware and amazed with its faster overall great user experience, I keep on counting about how many things I can do with samsung tab like reading books, making business video calls, playing games like angry birds and more, moreover I can use this device for whole day long for both business and also for great entertainment on the go.

The day I started using it, I am using it to make my life more digital and connected to my peers all the time while I am on the move, you can read my user experience at the tag #lovingthetab on twitter

2-28-2011 12-46-03 PM

Below are some macro shots of samsung tab I took yesterday at our office, you can get a closer look with the image gallery embedded below. 

I will keep sharing more of my user experience and reviews with time as I use it more, also stay tuned to read a detailed review of samsung tab here on this blog.

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