S3E – Free Amazon S3 Client – Move Files and Manage Buckets On Amazon S3 Server

We have reviewed Amazon S3 Desktop Uploader and Downloader Similarly S3E is a free amazon browser designed to be an Amazon S3 client which allows you to manage buckets, and move files on your computer and Amazon S3. In order to use S3E, you need to sign up for the Amazon S3 web service. Once you have your S3 access key and secret access key, click on the "Account" button to enter them.


Some Things To Know About The Application
- To upload files, click on the "Upload" button, or drag files in from other applications. Multiple files can be uploaded or dragged at the same time.
- You can paste files in to S3E from the clipboard.
- To download files, you can either copy them to the clipboard, or drag and drop them out of the application to the file system.
- S3E support keyboard copy/paste shortcuts, as well.

Requirement: You will need Adobe AIR 2 to run this application 

Download S3E To Manage Files On S3 Web server

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