Run Windows Phone 7 Style User Interface On Android Phone

Windows Phone 7 is the most recent refreshment for the mobile phone market and with its new interface it has been able to turn a lot of heads. The buzz is that if you own an android device and wish to transform it into something different and unique then you can install the Windows Phone 7 Launcher on device and make it look exactly like a typical phone running the latest version of windows.

The application is known as 7 Launcher and is available in paid and free versions on the Android Market. Earlier a number of style apps were developed for android in order to make it look like Windows Phone 7 but none was impressive enough. Lately one of the developers has struck the right balance of features for Android and this is the latest Windows phone style launcher.

Windows Phone 7 launcher androidWindows Phone 7 launcher android1

The new one gives you a complete changeover in terms of looks and features and functions the same way as the actual one does. The main screen is attractive to look at with icons for ease of access. We better call them tiles, as they all look like square tiles which add to the beauty of this interface. The arrow in circle on the top right corner is the way to the list of apps or you can wipe your finger across the screen as well to access the applications installed on your phone.

Adding shortcuts of your favorite apps to the homescreen isn’t a problem either. Just long press the application in the list and you come up with two options, one to Pin the app to the homescreen and the other to uninstall it. With this, uninstalling an app has been also made easier. The tile of your desired app could also be customized to occupy the whole screen horizontally or just half of it.

Launcher 7 PinLauncher 7 tile settings

Adding widget is another easy thing, just press the key next to the home screen and you are down to three option: Add Widget, Settings and Launcher Settings. Click on the widget option and add any from the list. The settings option will take you to your phone’s settings menu. The launcher settings has a lot to offer.

Windows Phone 7 launcher android4

You can change the background, change the color of tiles, set animations, backup and restore settings, change application drawer settings, lock tile layout, change the status bar styling and a much more. One gets a lot to play around with this new app and we bet it would impress you.

Download Windows Phone 7 Launcher For Android – [Android Market]

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