Run Windows 7 Setup From USB Flash Pen Drive

Computer formatting and installing a fresh copy of windows has become a very common thing for all the users and for performing all these tasks one needs a bootable disc or a bootable flash drive which could be used as a source for the required files.

Creating a bootable disc or a flash drive isn’t a problem now-a-days since a large number of software are available, thereby reducing the efforts that one has to put in. MakeBootable is a small utility used to transform your ordinary pen drive into a bootable flash drive, which could be used as your Windows XP cd. But it has a limitation which makes it the pen drive act as a bootable unit if it formatted in FAT file system.

You can also create bootable flash drive from an image of the desired windows with the help of WinToFlash but the whole process from initializing the software to the finished bootable drive takes a long time. Several other processes could be explored in order to make bootable drives depending on the condition and preferences of your personal computer.

This post is dedicated to a free tool available for creating Windows 7 bootable flash drives and is called as Windows 7 SBB Tool(SBB stands for Serial Bus Booting). So far this tool we guess, is the simplest one to work with, since converting your removable devices into a Windows 7 booter requires a few clicks only.

Windows 7 SBB Tool

At the first step click the Select Files button and provide the folder path where the Windows 7 files are lying.

Windows 7 SBB Tool1

Once you select the folder, select the removable drive you wish to convert and the tool will do its work. Although the software is useful but it has one major limitation which is, that the software does not support ISO images and if you have an image of the Windows, you will have to extract it first and then proceed further.

SD cards could also be converted into bootable drives and used provided your BIOS supports it. We wish to see you downloading this useful utility and start creating bootable flash drives.

Note:- .Net Framework 4.0 Is Required

Download Windows 7 SBB Tool

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