Run VLC Player Faster In Minimal View Mode – Remove VLC Player Playback Options, Menu Etc

VLC Media Player is one of the fastest, great media player which is free and works very well, one of my friend said that vlc media is the only media player which can give you a 200 % volume boost over the audio you get while playing a media file in vlc player, I later agreed him after trying several other media player like VLC.


For today on we will start sharing some tips on vlc media player, Today we will tell you about how to make your vlc media player simple, powerful and faster to respond, provide a better clean playback experience by removing all the clutter from vlc media player like file menu options, those play, pause, forward button even when you are not playing a movie in full screen with vlc media player.

You can make your vlc media player faster, look simplistic and cool while playing a media file by changing the view mode of vlc player to minimal. Follow the procedure to know how.

This is how vlc media player interface look like in the normal mode as shown in the image below.


This is how it looks cool and simple in minimal view mode as shown in the image below.


In order to convert vlc media player to minimal view mode, you just need to select minimal under File menu >> View >> Minimal or press Ctrl+H to simply toggle in between these two view modes.



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