Run Software Or Script As Service In Windows With LaunchPad

There are some program on your computer you would want them to start and run automatically in the background, without your input to start them. For this purpose people add programs to windows startup which can make your system slow with time as you keep adding more programs to startup, you can delay some programs at startup to solve this to some extent.

Another way to automatically start a program without slowing down your computer is to run these programs as windows service, as you want these applications or programs to run automatically or regularly without any effort from your own running them as service could be the best idea.

LaunchPad is a great freeware program which allows to run just about any program or script as a native Windows Service. It runs as a wrapper around your existing program, manages how and when your program will be run and ensures that your program is available 100% of the time.


This application supports both 32 bit and 64 bit of windows, in order to run this program you need to be an administrator or know the administrator password of the windows machine where you are running this tool, you will need to authenticate before running this software.


Here is how you can create a service, and then add application programs to that service. [ press ctrl+n to create a new service ]


Now in order to add programs to this service, click Managed Programs and locate the program associated to be running under this service.

add programs  

In order to start the service you had created, right click on the service and click start service as shown in the snapshot below.


Some Benefits Of Running A Program As Windows 

  • No need to login to run your program.
  • Your program automatically starts when the computer starts.
  • Simple crash recovery by the Windows Service Control Manager

LaunchPad Key Features

  • No need to be logged on as an administrator to modify services.
  • Uses both Active Directory and Local Machine authentication.
  • Able to run more than one program under a single LaunchPad instance.
  • Runs as both a native 32 or 64 bit service, taking advantage of large memory configurations.
  • Simple XML configuration, write once, deploy everywhere.

Download LaunchPad

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