Run Programs With Speech or Voice Commands On Windows 7

I have telling you a lot about MVPs and let me tell you that if one has got the tag of MVP then he really knows lot about a certain field related to Microsoft product or any other web service. One of the MVPs named Nitin Aggarwal wrote a very nice e-book which can help you to establish a speech recognition system on your home with Windows 7 system and a microphone and do not worry as the size of this book is not hundreds of pages. The book contains just 28 pages and it is a full manual on how to use speech recognition feature if Windows 7.


The link to download the book has been mentioned at the end of the book and its size is around 3 MBs. Nitin has covered all the essential topics related to establishing a speech recognition system on your system and he has also mentioned all the basic voice commands which can be used by you to work comfortably on your system. The author tried to cover many of the important topics in the books and so this book can be easily understood by a person, most of the topics which were covered in the book are mentioned as follows:-

· It will tell you that how can you setup your machine to support, voice recognition in Windows 7.

· It will also tell you that how you can connect the microphone to your system.

· Then how you can work with this newly established feature of Speech recognition.

· How can you just dictate the words which you want to write on any of the documents.

· Some of the basic voice commands which can make it very simpler for you to work on the system.

… and few more.

So, go for reading this book if you feel to test this new feature on your system. We will keep you updated with any new changes found related to this news topic or any other topic which is related to it and anyhow if you get to know anything related to the news topics mentioned above then please do not hesitate to share it with us, just put it down in the comments section and if we found it genuine then we will be sharing that piece of information with all the other readers on your behalf, so keep searching something useful and then let us know about it. Till then keep reading, take care of yourself and have a nice day!!!

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[ Source: The Windows Club ]

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