Run Programs, Perform Any Task In Windows With Mouse Gestures

Some people are comfortable using keyboard while some are comfortable using mouse. Though there are many shortcuts that make life easy with keyboard but you won’t find any for mouse in Windows. StrokeIt is one application that will make life with mouse very easy. Instead of clicking on close or minimize button you draw gestures to close or minimize window. StrokeIt support widely used applications like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Outlook, and Photoshop and apart from these it have global actions like copy, paste, print etc.

After installation you can see it in system tray.

strokeit 1

In case it stops working just check if the icon is red. It can be you might have accidentally right clicked on it which disables it and you can enable it back by right click on it again.

strokeit 2

To check out different gestures it offers for various commands just click on system tray icon. You will see a window which on left side shows set of commands for different programs and on right side you can add or remove gestures.


To add gesture all you have to do is click on drop down and select the command you want to add after selecting click on Add Gesture button to add it.

strokeit 3

To use the application you just have to press right click of your mouse and draw the gesture you want to you. Like in this case “C” is drawn which is for closing the window.

strokeit 4

In case you draw something that doesn’t match existing list of gestures you will be offered to add it to existing list. Just click on New Gesture.

strokeit 5

You can then name the gesture drawn.

strokeit 6

You can review the gesture drawn by clicking on Review button and gesture would be redrawn.

strokeit 7

Now you can assign it to any application you want like you can assign this gesture for going back in explorer. You can remove existing gesture or can have multiple gestures for same command.

strokeit 8

You can change color of the gesture drawn, its width, time, even button which activates StrokeIt by just going into preferences under Edit tab. To change colors of gesture increase the value of Red or Green than value of Blue.

strokeit 9

This application is very useful for people who can’t remember different key combinations for execution of commands. In no time user can gain expertise on it.

Download StrokeIt from here.

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