Run Multiple Modern UI Apps in Windows 8 In Different Layouts

Microsoft has just released Windows 8 for public and those who want to buy or upgrade can go for it. Windows 8 comes with lots of new features one of those feature is ability to download apps from Windows Store, as Windows 8 is made for tablets too so Microsoft has integrated Windows Store with it which allows you to access and download apps from it.

If you use to work on multiple apps or open more than one web page at the same time and want to stay updated on both without closing one and access other then here is a cool Windows 8 app for you. Toolbox For Windows 8 is a freeware app for Windows 8 available on Windows Store which allows you to use upto 6 apps at the same time without closing or minimizing any of them.

Windows 8 Apps Column Layout, Design

After installing this app from Windows Store, open it and you will see that there are some pre-defined layouts and saved tools which you can use any time.


How To Open Another App or Change Layout

If you want to open your own app then you can any time open it either by swapping your fingers from top to bottom or bottom to top if you are on touch screen device or if you are using mouse then just right click and then you will see layout which you can use. This app contains 9 apps but only 6 of them can be used at a time. It has Web browser, Calculator, Converter, Facebook, Voice Notes, Notifier, Clock, Weather and Doodle app for you. This tool can be very handy if you are viewing a website and at the same time wanna stay updated with your Facebook account.


You can open multiple tabs in its browser window, just click on Arrow button to change tabs. Voice notes apps is very easy to use app, you just need to speak out and it will record your message.


At present the number of apps are limited but we hope these apps will increase in future like Twitter might get its place and you might be able to add your favorite app too.


The app is freely available on Windows Store, easy to use and allows you to stay updated with upto six webpage. You can do multiple of work on it without closing down or minimizing another app. If you work frequently on these apps then you must give it a try.

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