Run Most Frequently Used Programs From Right Click Menu In Windows

Windows offers some really useful features which are less known to people and many probably do not even wish to know. Windows right click menu is one such space where the scope of modifications are large. One such aspect is of adding your frequently used programs to the right click context menu but to an extent it needs a lot of effort from the user’s end.

The required effort is certainly undesirable as in today’s world we need programs that are as easy to configure as people demand it to be. CMenu, Moo0 RightClicker, and FileMenu Tools are some programs that are being used to add shortcuts for frequently used files, folder and applications but require a couple of steps to configure. ConFavor is a firm that has recently developed a program which is probably the most convenient and easy to use one when it comes to adding frequently used things.

Called as My Favorites, the software provides the best possible accessibility to frequent stuff right at your fingertips.

My FavoritesMy Favorites2

The level of integration in the operating system is quite good and the interface is very easy to understand. Install the program and open the same from the desktop. The above image is is of the program that you will come across. Click on the add button and simply add the EXE files, folders etc of the list. Once done close the program and then you can access the same list by right clicking anywhere and navigation to My Favorites option.

My Favorites4

Or one can also view the listed frequent stuff my going to MY Computer and then My Favorites. ConFavor offers two versions of My Favorites, one free and the other paid. While the free only allows you to add a maximum of 10 items, the paid one which is available for $9.6 has no bars and lets you add any number of items. The program is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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