Run, Install Group Policy Editor Gpedit.msc On Windows 7 Home, Starter Edition

As we know almost every operating system comes with lots of rules and protocols which controls the complete working environment of the system in one way or the another. But, some of these OS lacks in one or the other feature as it is not possible to have every feature in every operating system. One of such examples that can be seen is of Group Policy Editor. It is basically a tool which has a set of rules that may prove to be very useful for administering policy on your windows 7 system. It basically controls the working environment of different accounts of the users in a computer system having Windows 7 as its OS.

Although, this is one of the most useful tool for Windows 7 but this feature is enabled only on Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions and it is not present for Home Premium, Home and Starter editions. So, if the user is running a Windows 7 PC, which does not has Group Policy Editor enabled in it, than it can be enabled by using one of the simplest freeware tool. One of the tool named as Gpedit Installer has been developed that allows you to add gpedit.msc to Windows versions that do not have it, like Windows 7 Home Premium, Home Basic and Starter Editions.


Now, if anyways you try to open the Group Policy Editor in Windows 7 Home Premium, Starter or Basic by giving gpedit.msc in the search box from the main menu or if you simply try to open it, you may observe that one new window named as “Local Group Policy Editor” will open and the following message will be shown in this window that “MMC could not create the snap-in”. Now, if we look into the deeper side of this message then we can see that the reason behind it is that it is simply not present in those versions of Windows 7 and one can add it by using the above mentioned tool.


Now in order to have this editor even in the versions where it is not enable, simply download the tool from the below given link. After downloading it, simply unzip the contents from the downloaded file and then run the installer as admin. Once the installation completes, you will observe that the Group Policy Editor would have been added to the Windows Home Premium, Home Basic or Starter Edition whichever one you are having in your system.

Download Gpedit Installer

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