Run Games Faster, Easier With Great Game Play On Windows By Suspending Programs

While playing games on your PC, you might feel annoying at times when your computer hang your game or effect its speed and graphics. These things generally occurs because of Windows services which are running in the background and thus degrading the performance of your computer. The once way of improving performance of your PC while playing games is manually turn off all unneeded applications and services.

But to manually turn off services, you will be required to learn exclusively about every service an moreover you will need to close each service one by one. So today we are going to tell you about the best alternative for playing games, i.e a tool named Game Fire. The basic functioning of Game Fire is that it temporarily turn off all the unneeded applications and services which are running on background while you are playing games, and after playing games with one click it will automatically turn them on.

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So this is the main window of this tool. This tool will show you three major options in the main window and they are System Status, Running Process and File Defragment. So with the help of these three features, you will be able to see the complete performance and running services on your system. System Status will give you percentage data regarding your CPU Usage, Memory Usage, System Disk usage and Virtual Memory Usage. Basically all these percentages should be low so that you can enjoy your game without any interruptions.

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From running process, you can see all those services which are working on background and effecting the speed of your computer. Some of these services are integral part of Windows and stopping then could cause shut down your Windows, while some are unnecessary. Unnecessary are generally those services which you have manually opened and forgot to close or those service which have opened automatically at start up and are not being used after starting.

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Third option is Disk Defragmentation. This option will be very handy for you if you have saved number of games inside your computer. You can select the folder which contains the games and then click on Analyse and Defragment. After that this tool will assign continuous places too all your games. This process will hence increase the loading and running speed of your games.

Now if you want this tool automatically close unwanted background applications and services, then you can click on settings and then go to game profile. Under this, you will need to customize all the options by placing tick marks on all those options which you want this tool to automatically perform and leave those, whose functioning you don’t want to halt.

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When you are done with all the settings, all you need to do is to save these by simply clicking on OK and then you can turn on Gaming mode in just one click before starting up your games. After playing games, you can turn of gaming mode so as to restart those services which is closed by this tool. You will need only first time to create a gaming profile, and then onwards this tool will automatically function according to your customized profile.

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The size of this tool is 3.73 Mb and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to access this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

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