Run Flash On iPhone Without Jail-Breaking [No Jailbreak Required]

If we talk about the mobile Operating System then you all might be knowing that Android tops the chart and then iOS by Apple is also among the first three. Android is available with large number of phones whether it is from HTC, Samsung, Motorola or some other brand, but iOS is available in Apple products only. Apple is so specific about distributing the features and product and still its popular and liked by the users. There are various applications developed by many other brands and users for android as it is used throughout the world in many of the cellphones but Apple is the only one which creates the application for its iOS and recently after a long time Apple developed a browser named as Skyfire which is Flash technology enabled and then you can see any video on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


Skyfire a Flash enabled browser which will help you to see Flash videos in a single click. After such a long time Apple decided to ease the users with such a browser and till the time I check on the Apple store it was not available but when I checked the Skyfire main site then I came to know a separate version for iPhone has been developed and currently all has been sold out. According to the resources it was confirmed that each tool costs you around $3. Besides you can it also the feature of private in which no cookies and history will be saved now this feature is almost similar to ‘Incognito Window’ of Google Chrome.

A new feature named as Quick view has also been included which will help you to see the updates in the comments and the profile of Facebook account. Now this is something really special reserved for Facebook. It almost has all the option which are available in the standard browser. We will try to keep you updated with all the new information related to this topics and meanwhile if you get to know anything exceptional which has not been covered by us then please let us know by putting that information in the comments or you can mail us that information on the e-mail ID available in the contacts option of this page. We will be glad to share it with al the other readers on your behalf. Keep reading and have a nice day!!!

Get SkyFire For iPhone From Here

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