Rotate, Change Video, Photo Orientation In Windows Live Movie Maker

Enjoying the memorable events with the pictures and videos in one of the very interesting things. But as far as videos are concerned, sometimes by mistake or sometimes unknowingly, we record the videos in the incorrect way. They may be recorded at an angle of 90. Mostly, the problem is faced when we are using the mobiles phones to record. The problem can be easily solved if there is a picture. But when it comes to the videos, very less software are able to correct it. And to check every new software is not possible. So, I Prefer to use an easy solution called as Windows Live Essentials. With many other functions, the Movie Maker can solve this problem very easily.

Windows Live Essentials is a freeware of 1.22 MB only. It comes with large many other utilities and you can install all if you want. But for the videos, install the Windows Live Movie Maker only. It will hep you to rotate the videos and photos very easily. Simply as you rotate the rotate the pictures with other tools here, you can rotate the complete video or the pictures also. The snapshot of the utility has been displayed below.

My Movie - Windows Live Movie Maker_2011-04-10_16-38-19

It is very easy to use. Lets see the steps to be followed. You can open the utility and Add the required video or photo to be rotated as shown. Or Directly got to the file and open it with Windows Live Movie Maker. Now, you can easily rotate the way you want. The video will be rotated at 90 degree. It can be rotated both ways that is either right or left. Both of these options for rotate left 90 degree or rotate right 90 degree have been highlighted in the snapshot below.

My Movie - Windows Live Movie Maker_2011-04-10_16-54-39

After you have done the proper alignment or rotation of the video or photo, it is the time to save the video. It is given near the right corner. The video will be saved with the wmv format. Also, it will ask you to save the changes, though you may have already done it once. So, choose it according to your convenience. There are many other options but all these are related to the movie making.

We have presented you many other facilities provided by Windows Live Essentials. And this will prove to you  to be very useful as many other you might ne presently using. Few other tools for rotating videos are Free Video Flip and Rotate and few others.

The basic requirements for Windows Live Essentials 2011 are Windows 7 or Vista with service pack. Also the processor and RAM required are 1.6 GHz and 1Gb repectively.

Download Windows Live Essentials 2011

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