RockMeIt – Best Social Media Browser To Remain Connected With Online Friends

You all must be using the popular web browsers like Internet Explorer (Microsoft), Chrome (Google), Firefox (Mozilla), Safari (Apple) etc. but I think most of these have similar features and none of them actually meet the demands of present generation and that demand is basically to easily access social networking sites. Well today social networking sites have become the most popular sites and among all of them Facebook is probably the one which is leading all of them.

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We have already told you about an Indian browser named epic which has quiet good features but unfortunately it hasn’t become much popular in this tough competitive browser market. Today we are going to tell you about a new Browser named RockMelt and the special thing about this browser is that it integrates the Facebook in browser itself. RockMelt is a Chromium- based web browser and it is developed by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria and their basic idea is to integrate social networking giants specifically Facebook in their browser.

RockMelt is built basically built on Chromium i.e it comes with the same basic feature and looks like of Google Chrome but the major difference is that it integrates Facebook in it and even allows you to share anything on your profile quickly. You can call this browser as a Facebook browser but it is actually more than that too and am sure it will change your browsing experience.

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You can install this browser from the link given at bottom and then you will be need to click on Connect with Facebook to use this browser. Then it will send an invitation to the developers and once your invitation gets accepted which normally takes a day or two, you will be able to use this browser. After installing, first you will need to login to your Facebook account and provide full access to this browser.

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After successful login, it will open the main window of this browser. The browser appears as follows.

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The best unique features of this new and innovative browser is as follow.

Facebook Friend are available on Left Panel : This browser shows all your Facebook friends on the left panel. Just like  on Facebook, the friends who are active are displayed with green dots, orange for idle online buddies and grey for offline buddies.

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You can just put a cursor on any of your friends and then it will show you the status of your friends and all other updates from him.

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To start chatting with them, simply click on your friend’s pic and then you can see a chat window and also another window showing the latest updates from that particular friend. You can even add some of your friends in favourites to follow them easily.

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Similarly you can even click on your name and then update your status instantly.

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Share options is very useful :- While watching videos on Youtube or other sites, you are simply need to click on Share button given at top to share the videos with your friends on Facebook.

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Instant Search Option :- There are two address bars given at top. The bigger one is the normal address bar and the other one is for instant search. Simply type anything to search on this bar and then you can switch between the search pages by simply using up and down arrow keys. It works great and is surely a very handy and amazing feature.

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So in this search box, just use up and down keys to flip the pages. I am very impressed with this feature.

Easy access menu :- At the top left, a small arrow is given from where you can access all the settings and options available in this tool.

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Shortcuts on Right Bar :- On the right side of the browser, Facebook, Twitter is added and it will show all the unread notifications from here only. You can even customize this tab to add more of your favourite sites for easy access.

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Lastly, I just want to say that this innovative browser is an great attempt to solve one problem that even HTML5 couldn’t get rig off i.e web sites always trapped in tabs of browser. And lastly about speed, well it is as fast and clean as Chrome and moreover it support all the plugins and extensions of Chrome.

The size of installer for RockMelt is 545 Kb and when you run it, it will automatically download the tool from internet and then after installation, as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to access it. RockMelt is supported for all the versions of Windows and it has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit Edition.

Download RockMelt

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