Right Click Sync Folder With Dropbox When It Is Outside Dropbox Folder [ Windows ]

Dropbox is an amazing file uploading and hosting service which gives you 2 GB of free space in free account, which you can use to upload and share your files across web with your friends. if you are user of dropbox then you know that dropbox creates some special folder once you install in on your windows computer, this special folder is called the dropbox folder which automatically is in sync with the online space at dropbox servers, so if you copy any file to these folder it will be automatically uploaded to dropbox servers online.

By defualt it creates My Dropbox folder in My Documents which is in sync with your dropbox account, Now what if you want to sync a folder on your computer which is not inside the dropbox folder and you don’t want to move it inside the dropbox folder. The answer is yes you can do it, with a free plugin for dropbox.

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Dropbox Folder Sync is a free to use addon which lets you sync any folder outside dropbox using a simple GUI or just Right Click any folder and Select "Sync With Dropbox".


Note: Before you can sync any folder with dropbox, you will need to specify the special dropbox folder on your computer, which is in My Documents >> My Dropbox.


It also ask for confirmation if the folder already exists in dropbox, as it seems this plugin will automatically copy the folder in your dropbox folder and increase the size of the My Documents in anyway – so it is just a way around to solve this problems however the real solution could be to sync the folder directly from that path where it is placed which I think dropbox does not allows right now, so there is not fault of the developer for this.

In the end if you use this addon for dropbox on windows you will have duplicate files created in my dropbox folder and the folder which you had synced with this addon, however whenever you change or delete any file on that folder which you synced via this addon the change will be reflected back to dropbox folder as well.

Dropbox Folder Sync For MAC OS

Note: If you want to do the same on mac os, you should better follow this follow this guide,

Download Dropbox Folder Sync [ Via Ghacks ]

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