Right Click Option To Upload Images Directly To ImageShack To Share URL To View Them

Sometime while browsing the internet you can come across an image which you would like to upload to your ImageShack account. In case you have to upload an image to the ImageShack account from the internet you will first have to download that image to your computer and then upload that image to your ImageShack account. This process increases the time taken as you will first have to download the images to your computer and then upload them back to the ImageShack. Therefore in order to save your time and reduce it to half I have got an Add-on for you for your Mozilla Firefox browser named ImageShack Uploader.

The Add-on will help you to upload images directly to your Image-Shack account from a webpage without downloading the images to your computer thus it will save your time, in fact it will reduce it to half. The Add-on will also reduce the utilization of your network bandwidth as you will not have to download the image to your computer and then upload it, it will be uploaded directly from the webpage where the image is actually located. The add-on will allow you to upload the image directly to ImageShack from the context menu. The Add-on is the predecessor to the ImageShack toolbar. Images uploaded using the add-on will get uploaded to your account directly if your cookie is already set by logging into the ImageShack website. The ImageShack add-on provides the uploading option via just right clicking on the image, thus providing an alternative to the ImageShack toolbar. The add-on will provide you will all the versatility to upload the images from any website to the Imageshack in just two clicks.

Firefox ImageShack

After you will download into your Mozilla Firefox browser it will give you an option to upload the image directly to the ImageShack Website directly in just two clicks. The image uploaded can be from any website on the internet. When you will right Click on the Image a context menu will open which will have many options like Open Link in New Tab, Open Link in New Window, Bookmark This Link, Save Link As, Send Link, Copy Link Location, View Image, Copy Image, Copy Image Location, Upload Image To Image Shack, Set As Desktop Background, View Image Info, Copy and View Selection Source. Except For the Upload Image To Image Shack which will upload the image to your ImageShack account all other options are generic options of the menu.

Download ImageShack Uploader.

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