Right Click Image Upload To Facebook, Flickr and Imageshack

Image uploading is some thing which normally take much of time as you need to filter out the photos which you would like to upload to flickr, facebook or any other social sharing site like these, in that case you will need to find some image uploading program or manually upload these photos one by one.

But there are times when you may want to just share a single photo taken by you or some image on your computer but you feel lazy to upload it because of the lengthy slow interface of facebook which makes you go through several pages and wizard for sharing a simple image and almost same is the case with flickr.

Rightload is a freeware tool which lets you solve this problem by adding image upload options in right click context menu. Once you configure it you can directly upload any image from your computer to facebook or flickr very easily through right click upload options.


Just after selecting it will start uploading the image right away to site you selected as shown in the image below.


Once the image upload is complete, it will give the links to the path where these images has been uploaded and then you need to visit  these links to view all these photos independently. Now in order to make these images appear on your facebook wall, login to facebook and then go to photos and navigate to rightload photos album and approve the uploaded photo so that it appears on your facebook wall as shown in the image below.


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