Right Click Image and Upload It To Flickr With Send To Flickr Context Menu Entry

Send To Flickr is a free windows explorer add on which add a new entry under the send to menu in right click context menu. It lets you upload any image on your hard disk directly to flickr simply by selecting the send to menu. Previously we have written about some other flickr tips and tools like Geo Flickr, find out camera of the pictures on flickr and how to Backup flickr accounts


In order to start uploading any image on your hard disk, you will first need to authorize send to flickr on your flickr account. Authorization is part of the installation of send to flickr tool on windows.


It adds Flickr to the right-click "Send to" menu in Windows and then you can right click any image then select "Send to Flickr" to easily upload photos to your Flickr account. Send to Flickr can be used with any image or photo stored on your computer, over a network or even on removable drives.

  • Adds "Flickr" to the "Send to" list in Windows
  • Uploads photos from your computer, memory cards or network drives to Flickr
  • Preview files as they are being uploaded
  • Upload multiple files at once
  • Links directly with your Flickr account
  • No browser required
  • Best of all, it’s free

Note: Send to Flickr is a free software application designed and developed by Adamant Solutions. Free to download, free from viruses, free from spyware, free from adware and free from anything else malicious 

Download Send To Flickr [ It works perfectly fine with windows 7 too ]

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