Revert To Old Style Facebook Photo View Page Stop, Block Lightbox New Photo Viewer

Facebook rolled out new facebook photo viewer some days back, you can read our review of this feature here. However the new style facebook photo viewer looks useful but some people are not finding it good they rather want to see the old facebook photo viewer again and see the photo by visiting the dedicated page for it rather than seeing it in a pop up box.

2-15-2011 4-22-01 PM

Today for all those who don’t like the new facebook photo viewer, we will tell you all those ways with which you can get rid of new facebook photo viewer.

Firstly facebook right now does not provide any option to rollback to old facebook photo viewer, the best easy way to remove it by hitting the browser refresh button as suggested by Amit Aggarwal here.

So in order to disable this new style facebook photo viewer you can use greasemonkey addon for firefox and use the following javascript here or else you can install the following extensions in google chrome 

Old FB Album or Lightbox Killer extension

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