Revert To Old Live Messenger Compact View In New Live Messenger Beta Wave 4

Microsoft has recently released windows live essentials beta wave 4, it has come up with some great features and brought up some changes in the tools which comes bundled with it. Windows Live Messenger beta is one such tool which comes with live essentials pack.

Live Messenger beta wave 4 has got some new changes in its interface, it has now got a new look which shows the complete view of activity happening around windows live network, but still there are many users who would like to see the same old messenger in compact view.

Full Network Activity View Of Live Messenger Beta


Some people still prefer the same old compact view in which windows live messenger looks like a messenger only. In order to switch to compact view of live messenger click your username and under the dropdown option you will see the option to revert to old interface of live messenger.

Live Messenger Compact View



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