Revert To Old Classic Skype Interface In New Skype 4

Skype new look is good but it quite resource heavy and seems to be difficult to understand for some users. The new user interface seems to be a single windows which has everything from calls, chat etc. It does not open a new window when you start a chat which you may or may not like as shown in the image below.


So, if you don’t like the new user interface of skype and want it to looks like old interface you can follow the procedure given below.

1. Open new skype and login, once you are logged in

2. Go to Skype >> Tools >> Options


3. Now the options window will open up, from where you can select the old classic style interface for skype.


4. Click Save, and you will see the skype interface revert to the old look, with which you are more familiar. :)


  1. Ethan says

    To get the “pop-up” window and separate the contact list and chat windows (like the old versions offered) you actually need to click on View –> Compact View.

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