Revert Google Reader Old Style RSS Feed Reading Style With Density Control

Those who use google reader from a long time were never happy when the interface deign or layout of google reader got changed everything become so unfamiliar, because of which I stopped using google reader for some days, later on I again started using google reader with the new layout design as there was no other option.

Recently now google has finally considered the large number of request on google forums, so they recently introduced google reader density control.

density control

For different screen sizes by bringing more information onto the page if we detect you are using a small screen.If you prefer this tighter density, even on large screens, you can switch to the "Cozy" or "Compact" setting by clicking on the settings gear on the right hand side of the screen. If you see two gears on the right, you will find the density settings on the lower gear.

desnsity control google reader

If you have a small screen size computer monitor we recommend Compact and for those with bigger size monitor we recommend Comfortable – atleast with this new feature you can get as close to old google reader layout deign.

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