Revert, Change or Switch Back To Older Orkut User Interface

Orkut user new user interface really looks lame and copied from so called facebook layout, moreover it is badly designed as per my opinion. So, this post is for all those user who had migrated to new orkut user interface but not finding it impressive or useful so want to revert back to the old interface.

Today we will tell you how to get back the old style look in user interface of orkut, follow the step by step procedure for the same.

1. Open and login with your username and password.

2. Now if you are already using the new orkut interface, you will see a link older version in the top bar of orkut just after the orkut settings link.


3. You just need to click the link older version to revert back to older version interface of orkut with which you might be more familiar.

If you want to know how to apply new version of orkut interface, you read the procedure in this previously posted article. We have written more orkut tricks before on this website.


  1. Anamika Ghosh says

    I can’t find the older orkut version in my profile. please help me. There is no older orkut version beside sign out option in my profile. so i can’t be able to go back to older orkut.

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