Reverse Touchpad Scroll Direction In Mac Leopard and Snow Leopard With Scroll Reverser

A feature of Mac OS X Lion that generated a lot of buzz was the introduction of ‘natural scrolling’ as the default scrolling mechanism. This is something that Apple has borrowed from its iOS devices, where the medium of interaction with the system is via a touchscreen rather than a trackpad. On a touchscreen, you would like the content to move along with your fingers, as if you were physically dragging it away, but when you are not touching the display directly, and are controlling it via something like a trackpad, due to the way that mice have traditionally worked, we expect the content to move in the direction of our scrolling, the same way that the mouse pointer moves in the same direction that we move the mouse or our finger on a trackpad.

This is the reason why people who installed Lion and did not know about this were majorly surprised with this new feature, because it defies what we have learned over the years about how mice and other tracking input devices work. People have been searching Google for how to disable this reverse scrolling feature, its actually pretty simple: just visit the System Preferences pane for Trackpad, and untick the scroll direction: natural preference.

Nevertheless, Apple has been known to make such tough design decisions, and who knows, it might catch up if enough people like it and start using it. For people who are addicted to their iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or any other touch screen based smartphone or tablet, this method of scrolling might be more familiar than the method we are used to. To help those people, Scroll Reverser brings this reverse scrolling feature to older versions of Mac OS X, namely Leopard and Snow Leopard.

The way it works is simple: you simply launch the app, and your scroll direction is reversed. Scroll Reverser sits in your status bar and displays a dialog indicating that your scroll direction has been reversed.

Apart from this basic functionality, Scroll Reverser has some advanced features for people who are using Lion or use an external mouse or tablet with their systems.

While the natural scrolling option might make sense on a trackpad, it definitely does not make sense on a traditional mouse with a scroll wheel. Scroll Reverser helps you by saving you the trouble of visiting the System Preferences each time you plug in a mouse by allowing you to set individual preferences for each input device. It also allows you to set different options for reversing of scrolling in the horizontal and vertical directions, as per your preference.

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