Reveal, Extract Passwords Hidden Behind Bullets, Asterisks or Dot Dot

Sometimes my computer becomes very frustrating for me, lately my caps lock indicator LED has not been working and it becomes very difficult for me to enter passwords which are normally hidden behind bullets or stars. When I didn’t know that my caps lock LED wasn’t working, I accidently entered one of the passwords wrong for more than three times and it resulted in the blocking of my ID on that service. It happened just because I didn’t know what I was typing and it wouldn’t had happened if I could have seen what was behind those bullets. But problems are the reasons why we take out solutions and therefore necessity is the mother of invention.

So to solve my problem I sat on the laptop and started searching for a tool that can reveal passwords behind those bullets so that my ID never gets blocked again.I found out this tool called the Bullet Pass View. Bullet Pass View is a Password recovery software that reveals the passwords saved behind the text box of windows operating system and Internet Explorer Web browser.

This application is very easy to use and all you have to do is run the exe file.

So to show you an example I chose to open a internet explorer window and then opened a social networking website’s password window, after opening this window I ran the executable file.


After executing the file you will see a window like this


With this window you will automatically see all the open windows with passwords behind bullets which are open on windows operating system or the internet explorer.As you can clearly see that this application automatically  found out the password hidden behind the bullets and it displays it without any problems. I would definitely advise you to download this free utility if you have problems remembering too many passwords as this application can help you out with organizing and saving you passwords as well .

Some advantages of this application are as follows :

  • It doesn’t display the password inside the original window and the pass word is revealed inside the main window of the application.
  • It supports Windows 7/ Vista
  • Can work for Internet Explorer.
  • Unicode application which makes sure that passwords with non English characters are revealed properly.

Some Known Limitations are as follows:

  • Does not work with Chrome, Opera,  Firefox web browsers
  • Does not work with Dialup and network passwords of windows.

Download Bullets Pass View.

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