Retrieve The Text You Copied Days Ago On Windows

You might have thought that handle the copied data is a bit tedious task. Either you have to use it just after copying or you have to manage it through a separate document. Now, if you are available with a software which will not only store the data for future use but will also provides the options of editing, managing etc. your job will be really very simple and easy. So, you will get to know about various tools and their benefits for saving data through clipboards.

M8 Free Clipboard is a freeware of 4.79 MB. The freeware is designed to save upto 25 clips. As shown in the snapshot below, the data you cut or copy will be available on the left hand side column. Whenever you take the mouse over any of the clip, data will be displayed in a dialog box alongwith it. The picture will be displayed for a graphic clip. The text will be displayed for the copied text. The link to for document for copied document and link for URLs copied.


The tool provides many other options. Like if you save 26th clip, the first clip will be automatically deleted. So,  there is the option to save the clip if it is further required.

Edit The Clip

You can edit the text, images or any other clip you have copied. There is photo editor available with the freeware as shown in the snapshot below. Right click on the clip to be edited and select Edit. The clip will appear in the editor and you can easily make the required changes.


Similarly there is the text editor option also as shown in the snapshot below. There are a lot of options available in both the editors.


Copy The Clip

To paste the clip take the cursor where you have to copy the clip. Open M8 and click on the clip and it will be copied. You can also use drag and drop option. Here left mouse button will move the clip i.e. cut and paste whereas right mouse button will copy the copy as simply done.

While using you will find that the tool provides a large number of options to make it available as per your convenience. The right click menu will show the options for the clip. And, also there are for user interface. Some of them are View which selects where the interface is to be placed on screen, displays methods and many more. Few general options are displayed in the snapshot below, and there are many others.


Other Similar Tools:

  1. Clipboard Magic: It can copy text, graphics and other data. The freeware is designed to assign a different label to every clip. You can color code or highlight them. The number of clips that you can save are unlimited. You can use mouse as well as hotkeys for cut, copy and paste. Clip editing, sorting and manual management is allowed.
  2. Clipmate Clipboard Extender: Again it can copy text, images, files and folders also. You can save any number of clips. The unique features are it can be used as a tool to take the snapshots also. And it can be password protected.
  3. Clipboard Master: This freeware is also similar to above tools. It is designed to for all types of clips like text, graphics and others.


Though all the freewares are almost similar. The only difference is the way they work. M8 Clipboard have a limitation of the number of clips. Otherwise the features are very good. The unique features are mentioned above to select a particular tool. Now you can easily manage the copied data in your own way.

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