Restore Missing Http In Google Chrome Address Bar

Google Chrome 6 stable beta has been released recently, it has come out with some great new features like they removed the home button on the toolbar, read here how to get it back.

They also disabled the in built google chrome pdf viewer, which seems to be buggy, read here how to get that back, also in the new google chrome it does not show http in the address bar or the location bar for those websites which you visit with http protocol, they might have done this may be to make address bar easy to read the URL of the website, but many users are not liking this change.


After some inspection we found that the http is still there but it not visible, in order to confirm you can copy the URL from the address bar and paste it any where, you will see the http in the URL you pasted.

For Example: 

However if you visit a website like gmail don’t which does not run on http protocol you will see the https before the URL – Same applies to the website running in FTP or other protocol.


How To Make HTTP Visible In Google Chrome Address Bar?

Right now there is No way to restore the missing http to make it visible either with the help of java based userscript or with the help of some google chrome extension. We will keep trying to find some solution to make http visible, please let us know in comments if you have a solution to this problem. 


  1. Andrew says

    why don’t they make it an option to have http:// etc show in address bar? its not cool with me and as the customer i am always right. i want to see http:// file:// ftp:// https:// etc. but most of all it pisses me of that when i select the text in the address bar and copy and paste it it adds the http:// back in and that is not COPY and paste that is copy add some text that i didn’t select and then paste the new revised text

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