Restart Windows Explorer when its not responding with Explorestart


It happens many time in Windows Vista and Xp, when explorer freezes and goes not responded state.

Explorestart is a free utility from NirSoft that simply restart explorer and internet explorer, If you run this tool, all the instances of explorer (explorer.exe) and Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe)


You can use this tool to rerun your windows explorer and internet explorer if some thing goes wrong with your Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer.

We hope you like this small tool to troubleshoot problems related with windows explorer.

[ Download Explorestart ]


  1. says

    looks to be a useful tool for windows…how many times we have seen the explorer hang…hope this remedies that nuisance

  2. says

    I would rather kill explorer.exe in task manager and restart it as a new task. The trick you have given might be useful for non techies….

  3. says

    even i do some thing similar what Pavan suggested, Kill Explorer.exe from task manager and then start another instance of explorer.exe

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