Restart, Re Run Windows Explorer From Mouse Right Click Menu In Windows 7 Or Earlier Versions

While using your system, you might have come across some situations where you need to restart the explorer.exe for the system. May be some of the applications behave in some weird way or they simply hang up which may finally lead to restart the explorer.exe in your windows 7 based system. Although, there are few ways by which you can simply restart it such as using the Task Manager may always help you or simply by creating a desktop shortcut to restart the explorer and by clicking on it whenever the user wants. But, both these methods take some time and for user they may appear to be a bit complex.

For this we recommend you a simple utility which can be used to solve this particular issue. Right Click Restart Explorer is a small and a simple tool that simply adds the functionality of restarting the explorer by providing an option to the right-click context menu for the user. As said, due to various customization time to time or maybe due to other reasons such as your explorer hangs or freezes frequently there may be a need to restart explorer often. So, for this you may simply download this small yet effective utility from the link given below and then may run this freeware portable application in your system. Once it shows the new window simply click on the Install option and it will automatically add up the Restart Explorer option to your context menu, as described earlier.


As we all know, the Windows Explorer is definitely one of the most important task which runs on your PC and the explorer.exe file controls most of the user experience like taskbar, file explorer and other programs along with their UI. So, in this context this particular utility may prove to be really helpful and once installed in the system you may observe that the next time whenever you want your explorer to be restarted, then you simply have to right-click on your desktop and from that menu simply choose the Restart Explorer option and it will observe that your explorer.exe will restart.


So, if you want to try out this tiny app, you may simply download it from the below given link and can install it in your system. Whenever you think that it is of no use then it also gives you the feature to simply uninstall it from the system and this will completely remove the option and the utility from the system.

Download Right Click Restart Explorer

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