Resize Windows With Lower Edges Hidden Behind Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7 comes with the amazing aero snap feature, which automatically maximizes windows when you move them to upper edges of the screen or to the right lower or lower edges. In this case if you want to just resize a program window which is quite larger in size and lower right corner or bottom edge of that window is behind the windows 7 taskbar.


In this case as right end bottom corner of the window is hidden behind the windows 7 taskbar, and if I try to move the window to the upper side due to aero snap the windows gets maximized which does not solve the problem. Here is the work around for the same to resize the windows hidden behind the windows 7 taskbar.

In order to resize this window, you will need to hide the windows 7 taskbar, by configuring it to auto hide in taskbar properties.


Once you configured this settings to auto hide, the taskbar will auto hide and then you will be able to access the corner of the window and decrease the window size. We hope you like this simple tip, you can read more windows 7 tips we have written before.


  1. Annoyed! says

    This is a way to work around the problem, but doesn’t solve it. Why would Windows 7 purposefully obscure windows? Why would a window, when told to go full screen, stick part of itself (the part with important buttons) where it can’t be seen?

    And besides, if I’m not extra careful to not allow the mouse to go to the very very bottom I can’t scroll to the side. Few pixels too many and the taskbar pops up and I can’t access the bottom part of the window anyway! This is a stupid stupid error with no good solution. Microsoft NEEDS to fix this. When you tell something to go full screen, this means to the TOP of the taskbar, not behind it.

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