Reset, Delete, Logout Google Account On Any Xperia Android Phone From Sony Ericsson

There are times when you may want to move from one phone to another, just in case you are moving from one android phone to another make sure to logout from the google account on the first phone. In such cases you may have difficulties in figuring out how you can can logout and delete all your google account data on the first phone.

Follow the procedure below to know how to do in on any sony ericsson xperia android phone including xperia x8, xperia x10, xperia play and arc.

1. Go to android phone settings


2. Now to scroll down to find and locate SD card, USB Mode and tap it


3. Now scroll down and tap over the option factory data reset, which will logout your google account and delete all your data only on the phone.


The phone will restart and take some time this process, make sure to connect it for charging if it is on low battery, it should take like 10-15 minutes maximum for this process to complete. Once the process is complete you will have phone with all your account data deleted. 

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