[Tip] What To Do When You Have Authorised All 5 Computers On Your iTunes Account?

Specially it could happen to those apple device users who have been using apple iphone, ipad or ipod from a long time with a single iTunes account so in such case a user might have authorised all 5 computers with times with different devices. It happened with one of my friend, and recently when he tried to update to iOS 6 on his ipad from a different new computer, he got the following error message saying – You cannot authorize more than 5 computers.


The only possible solution to this problem is that you deauthorize one of the 5 computers, you have authorized till now by opening iTunes and then select De Authorize this computer and then authorize the other new computer.


Can’t De Authorize One of the 5  Computers For My iTunes Account

Some users who have faced this issue that they don’t have access to old computers where they have authorized can follow a alternative guide, but this way you will de authorize all the 5 computers associated to your iTunes account.

For this you will first need to login to your iTunes account on the new computer which could be the 6th computer on which you are going to verify the iTunes account. Once logged in click the option which says view my account


You will need to re enter the iTunes account password, before you are redirected to iTunes account page. Now under iTunes account settings page which will open in iTunes software – you will see the link which lets you de authorize all computers previously added to your iTunes account.


Once you have clicked the button to de authorize all computers, you can add new computer on which you have installed iTunes account.

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