Reserve Screen Area For Windows 7 Gadgets

If you have enabled gadgets on your windows 7 and you find these gadgets very useful and want to make these gadgets always visible even while working on various programs and applications, then here is a tool called MaxMax which can be very handy for all your needs.

MaxMax is a new and innovative tool for keeping all your gadgets in front of your view not only when you are on your desktop but even while you are working on any program or application. This tool adjust the dimension of your applications screen such that the window of your application will not overlap over your gadgets.

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This is how your gadgets appear in Windows 7. But when you try to open any program or application, the window of those applications capture your complete screen and you wont be able to view these gadgets unless you minimize your current application. You can also adjust the settings of these gadgets and set then as Always on Top, but it looks even worse if you work with maximized applications. You can see an example below how it appears if you try to open an application alter enabling Always on Top option of your gadgets.

01-09-2010 14-41-13

Now you can see that I have opened MS Office Word document but the problems faced are- I cant access my scroll bar as gadgets are disturbing it and moreover gadgets are also covering some of the portion of my document. So in order to solve all your problems you can use MaxMax.

MaxMax is a freeware which is very simple to use. When you run the installation file, it will pinĀ  itself in the right corner of your taskbar.

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Just right click on this tool and then Enable it. Now in order to use this tool click on Configure. When you will click on Configure a window will open as follow.

01-09-2010 14-53-56

This tool will automatically choose best view settings according to your gadgets. As you can see above my gadgets are located on left side of the desktop so this tool have automatically made Left SHIFT and supressed the window from the left.

01-09-2010 15-05-57

You can still modify the Margin size (in pixels) of your application window if you don’t like the default configuration. Under the Supress Key you will find various options to adjust the kind of shift you want. You can select left shift, right shift etc. to adjust the settings. The Language option is set to <default> but you can change it to English or Polski if you want to change. After doing all the settings, you just need to click on ok and this tool will now perform the desired operation.

01-09-2010 15-14-34

So this is how your screen will look like when you try to open an application after applying this tool. So now you wont face problems while working on your application and your gadgets will also be always in your view. You can also Disable this tool by right click on this tool and then click on Disable.

01-09-2010 15-17-18

The size of this tool is 2.13 Mb and still it will not take much time to get installed and it will pin itself automatically in your taskbar when you install it. This tool is for Windows 7 and has been tested successfully on Windows 7-32 bit edition.

Download MaxMax

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