Report Remove Your Profile Tagged In Some Facebook Photo Uploaded By Your Friend

We have already written some tutorials on how to stop getting notifications from a photo in which you are tagged, you can read the solution here and how to block or approve when someone tags on your facebook uploaded photos, you can read the solution here

Today I faced another issue related to tagging, which has seem to become the most annoying and kind of spamming feature on facebook till now, some of my friend used some app and tagged me a facebook photo he uploaded, and all this is done by a crap facebook app as you can see in the image below.

facebook tagged photo

I normally stay away from facebook apps, as most of the time rather being useful they steal facebook private data from your profile as per my opinion. Now when I clicked on this photo, so that I can un tag my self in the picture, at first I could not find the remove tag text with my name, but after a deeper look I found two options one of which could remove this photo from my timeline and another allowed me to remove the tag as shown in the image below.

remove report facebook tag

Once I clicked this option to remove the tag, I saw this prompt which ask for more details as shown in the image below.

9-23-2011 12-52-49 AM

Then it will ask whether to remove the tag and photo posted on your facebook profile wall, better read the options before deciding which one to choose from as shown in the image below.

9-23-2011 12-53-28 AM

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