Replace Windows Task Manager With Windows Se7en Task Manager Replacer

Windows taskbar is important crucial component of windows which lets you see what all process are running on your computer, you not only monitor the process but various services running and terminate any hanged process or service with task manager, but still task manager is very basic when you compare to the other free extended task manager like process explorer which gives more information about any running process and gives much more extra options.

Windows Se7en Task Manager Replacer which allows you to replace your conventional task manager with extended task manager for windows, more over you can restore the original default task manager with utility when ever you want to revert back to old task manager.


To replace task manager with this tool,  follow the procedure given below

1. Download Process Explorer from here, and then rename the file procexp.exe to taskmgr.exe 

2. Click the manual button on the application interface


3. Replace the original task manager by locating the new taskmgr.exe


4. That’s it now when you press Ctrl+Shift+Esc it will open up the new task manager which is nothing but process explorer. [ as shown in the image below ]


In order to restore the original task manager back just click the restore button on the application interface


Download Windows Se7en Task Manager Replacer

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