Replace Windows 7 Start Button Image With Windows 7 Start Button Changer

Changing windows 7 start button can be real fun, as by changing the windows 7 start button image you can get rid of the old monotonous windows 7 start button, In order to change the start button image you will need to tweak the windows explorer, We have previously written about a freeware utility Windows 7 ORB Changer

The same utility has been updated and released with a new name now at The Windows Club, its called Windows 7 Start Button Changer, at any point of my time it allows you to restore to original explorer backup and revert to the old default windows 7 start menu image.


Please Note: This application has been developed by Kishan Bagaria, who is of age 12 and a Class VII student. His hobbies are tweaking Windows, surfing, thinking innovative ideas about technology, blogging at

Download Windows 7 Start Button Changer


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