Change Hard Disk, Folders Or USB Drive Icons Shown In Windows Explorer

We always prefer the settings in the customized format as much as possible. Specially the display settings which help to differentiate easily between various items. And when it comes to changing the drive and folders’ icons I used to think that there are minimal and boring options available. If someone have partitioned their laptop memory into many drives it becomes difficult to differentiate. Different icons make the task easier. So, I would like to introduce the tool named as Folder iChanger which is very user friendly.

Folder iChanger is a small freeware of 5.41 MB. It has been designed to change the icons of hard drives, folders and even the Flash Drives. The snapshot below displays the user interface of the freeware.


The functioning of the tool is very simple. The top left option is to select the icon. You can select icon from the Program Icons. There are large number of interesting options available as shown in the snapshot below. You can also choose from the icon file or executable file from your system. Another option is to choose from the system icon list as it may be required for official purposes.

The icon thus chosen will be displayed in the left window and in various sizes as it will be displayed. Then you can easily Add, Remove, Select and Unselect the drives and folders whose icons are to changed. Different folders can be assigned same icon in one go. Finally click on Change icon for selected items to complete the process.


It is very easy to use as all the options are available in the ribbon format. The wide variety if icon availability makes the freeware more useful. The folder icon after the change has been displayed in the snapshot below.


Similarly you can change the icon for the drives as shown below:


There is a small difference in changing the icon of the drive that you have to restart your system which is not the requirement in changing the icon of folders. The snapshot below displays the drive icon after it has been changed.



Other Programs To Replace Icons For Drives, Folder and External Hard Disks

Though I found the Folder iChanger to be the best option but if you want to try there are some other similar software, check out the other software’s available to change the icons below.

  • Microangelo: The software is available in three different types i.e. Toolset, On Display and Creation. All the three versions have different applications and you can use them to change the icons as per your requirement.  Creation version have some advanced options where you can create your own icons.
  • FolderIco: The freeware allows you to simply change the color of your yellow folders so that you can easily prioritize them. Also, you don’t have to waste time in selecting the different icons.
  • Magic Folder Icon: The application will help you to assign different icons to different folders. It is very simple and easy to use.
  • DriveIcons: The freeware can be used to change the icons of your Hard drive, Flash Drive or even DVDs.
  • Drive Icon Changer: It is a similar tool to DriveIcons but some users have faced difficulty in using it.

Folder iChanger has been tested on Windows 7 And it is compatible with Windows 8, XP, Vista 2008 and 2003 also. The software needs Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 to operate. But if you don’t have one you need not to worry as it is available in both the formats.

Download Folder iChanger

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