Change Functions Keys Action In Windows

In every laptop you can see a series of control which can be controlled by pressing the ‘Fn’ key on your laptop and then pressing the suitable function key. These controls generally include the functionality to decrease or increase the brightness of your system, increase or decrease the volume on your laptop and many other functions. But they are not comfortable to use as you will have to press the Fn key and then you will be able to use those controls, to make their use simpler and easier will be reviewing a tool named as SFunKey with the help of which you will not have to press the Fn key again.


As you can see the screenshot of the tool, here you can see the list of all the functionalities which your ‘Fn’ key provides, now you will once you have allotted them all the functions. Once you install and then launch the tool it will minimize itself on the taskbar and then all the settings for your function keys will be changed as per the screenshot mentioned above, for example if you want to reduce the the brightness of the screen then you will have to press ‘Function 2’ key and then keep on pressing that key if you want to keep on reducing the brightness. This new functionality will start responding after a lag specified in the test box highlighted in the screenshot below.


The lag already provided is enough for you to work comfortably with those Function key, you will have to press every key twice if you want to use the new functionality of these keys. The new setting pattern will include all the keys starting from esc to F12 but then if you want to put F12 key under the same list of functionalities then you will have to specify that by clicking that checkbox mentioned in the application window, the only reason I suppose is due to the fact that this key already system reserved.

Every time when you will use this new functionality you will see the name of the functionality being used. You can also change the theme of the tool by the tab named theme as mentioned in the screenshot posted at the top. the size of this tool is around 4 MB and it will take a while to get installed, this tool has been installed and used on Window 7 32-bit Ultimate edition for the review. Please click the link mentioned below to download the tool.

Download SFunKey

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